Figure in black stands with panel covering head against a blue background, next to a geometric spiral

Urban Impressions: Experiencing the Global Contemporary Metropolis

September 16 - December 16, 2022
Moody Center for the Arts
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This exhibition proposes a reexamination of the modern metropole in order to explore the complex issues facing cities today. Starting with the question “What makes the metropolis?” the exhibition will present sculpture, painting, video, and installation works highlighting our sensorial and physical engagement with urban landscapes and the experiential impact of city structures on contemporary life.

Presenting a selection of international artists, including Rana Begum, Tiffany Chung, Julie Mehretu, Sohei Nishino, Robin Rhode, and Liu Wei among others, the presentation will focus on overarching aspects of urban life that affect its inhabitants. Through the lens of psychogeography, the artworks highlight the heterogeneity of urban representations and how the city itself can trigger a variety of responses that do not necessarily align with modern utopian ideas of progress.

Select artworks reference Houston itself, specifically its structure as a decentered, sprawling metropolitan area. Beginning in the Moody galleries, the project will expand outwards to include site-specific visual and performative interventions across campus, creating dispersed points of connection between the visitor, nature, the built environment, and art.

Urban Impressions, organized by Frauke V. Josenhans, Curator, will be activated by a variety of programs and collaborations with other institutions, including the Rice Design Alliance, and is made possible by the Moody Center for the Arts Founders Circle.