Jason Evans, photo by Allyson Huntsman.

Jason Evans

Event and Visitor Services Manager


As the Event and Visitor Services Manager, Jason Evans coordinates event logistics with internal and external guests, facilitating the use of the Moody's galleries, classrooms, theater, and multiple flex spaces. Along with a team of Volunteer Greeters and Student Gallery Guides, recruited and supervised by the position, Jason ensures that every guest at the Moody has a unique and compelling experience. Recently returned to his hometown Houston, after many years of working and living in New York City, Jason held positions at New York University as an Event Coordinator, Technical Producer, and Media Services Manager.  Following those appointments he coordinated groups and tours at the Museum of Modern Art with a focus on assisting community groups in the greater NY area and increasing accessibility for guests with disabilities. His passion for storytelling has also led him to perform at more than a few Moth StorySlams in New York, D.C., and Houston. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking and Theatre from Vassar College.