Do Ho Suh: In Process

Fall 2024 Exhibition

September 06 - December 21, 2024
Moody Center for the Arts
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The Moody will inaugurate the Fall 2024 season with an experimental presentation by the internationally renowned artist Do Ho Suh (b. 1962, Seoul, South Korea). Having lived primarily between the cities of Seoul, New York and London, Suh’s work explores concepts of home, both physically and psychologically, as well as issues of displacement, migration, memory, and the passage of time. Through sculpture, works on paper, and video, the artist invites us to consider topics ranging from personal identity to the socio-political implications of our actions in a complex, ever-changing world. 

The first presentation of its kind by Do Ho Suh, In Process forgoes the formalities of a traditional exhibition in favor of presenting a studio-like space for research and collaboration. By privileging the dynamics of open experimentation over the finality of the end result, visitors are invited to experience the methodologies by which Do Ho Suh iterates on ideas, engages experts from diverse fields, and expresses complex ideas through the physical manifestations of his artistic practice.

Since 2010 Do Ho Suh has worked closely with engineers, architects and designers to conceptualize a bridge connecting his homes in Seoul, London and New York City. For the past year, Suh collaborated with a team of Rice University engineering students to further his research for The Bridge Project, inviting them to conceive of a viable structure addressing the challenges of climate, the oceanic environment, structural integrity, and the elements needed to support human life. The resulting models by students will be on display together with drawings and videos by the artist in the Moody’s Central Gallery. 

The Moody’s Brown Foundation Gallery will include a combination of rubbings, sculptures, maquettes, and finished artworks highlighting the conceptual and tactical processes that comprise Do Ho Suh’s practice. For example, life-size rubbings made as part of a habitual practice by the artist, as well as a step in the creation of the large-scale sculpture Portal (2015), a work concurrently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, will be displayed in crates specifically designed for transport from the traditional Korean gate’s original location in Seoul to the U.S.-based fabricator who, through a ten-year collaboration with the artist, devised an innovative technique to recreate the exact structure in acrylic resin. 

Finished works in the gallery include Inverted Monument (2022), a sculpture made of extruded thermoplastic polyester, developed as part of a long-term research project with a robotics team at the University of the West of England’s Centre for Print Research. Addressing themes of commemoration and history in dialogue with current national conversations around civic sculpture, Inverted Monument invites visitors to question both historic notions of authority and the agency of the artist’s hand, while considering the roles of collaboration and technology in the creative process. 

Do Ho Suh: In Process is curated by Executive Director Alison Weaver. The exhibition is made possible by the Moody Center for the Arts Founders Circle and the Libbie Rice Shearn Moody Fund for the Arts. Major support is provided by the Elizabeth Lee Moody Excellence Fund for the Arts and the Thomas D. and Pamela Riley Smith Endowment for the Moody Center for the Arts. Additional support is provided by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.