Denise Horvilleur and Rosie Gonzalez

Rosie Gonzalez and Denise Horvilleur: Longevity Stick Exercises

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
1:00 pm
Central Gallery
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Join us for a series of conversations and wellness events inspired by the summer exhibition program.

Longevity Stick Exercises with Denise Horvilleur
Introductory talk with Rosie Gonzalez, Wellness Manager, Rice University

Learn about the 9 lifestyle behaviors of the healthiest and longest-lived people. This class will also introduce you to Longevity Stick Exercises, an exercise regimen consisting of a series of movements performed with PVC pipes. The exercises are designed to maintain a healthy body and spirit by improving balance, posture, flexibility, strength and mental focus.

Free + open to the public.