Josiah McElheny, Island Universe (detail), 2008. Photo: Daniel Ortiz

In Conversation: Dr. Christopher Johns-Krull and Dr. Joseph Campana

Monday, April 09, 2018
6:00 pm
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Josiah McElheny’s Island Universe informs a conversation with Dr. Christopher Johns-Krull, professor of physics and astronomy, and Joseph Campana, Ph.D, the Alan Dugald McKillop Chair in English. Dr. Johns-Krull will discuss the science behind McElheny’s work. Dr. Campana will consider McElhency’s large scale installation in light of poetic traditions. Following there will be a panel discussion moderated by Ian Cion, exhibition and program manager at the Moody.

Island Universe is a monumental installation of five hanging sculptures inspired by the multiverse scenario of eternal inflation, an extension of the big bang theory.